CFDRC Facilities

Office and Computer Facilities

CFDRC has well-equipped office and laboratory facilities in Cummings Research Park, Huntsville. CFDRC is across from the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH), and within a few minutes drive from NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, U.S. Army (Redstone Arsenal), and most of the prime contractors, and large companies.

The company's computer facilities include numerous high-performance personal computers (PCs) and all commonly used workstation/server platforms. For parallel computing needs, CFDRC maintains several PC clusters ranging in size up to over 100 processors. The company also maintains high-speed internet and intranet communication facilities.

Cluster Room CFDRC Scientific Computing Computer Clusters; each cluster (tower) has over 100 CPUs and is connected to other computing clusters by high speed networks

Laboratory Facilities

CFDRC has Biomedical and Engineering Laboratories and personnel skilled in designing and conducting experiments for validation of computation models and for development and testing of prototypes. When needed, CFDRC also contracts with Universities, businesses, and government labs to obtain specialized test services

Biomedical Laboratory

CFDRC's Biomedical Laboratory is set up in compliance with FDA-mandated GLP and is used primarily for microfluidics, biodiagnostics, and medical-device design.

The lab is equipped with a video-microscopy system, a state-of-the-art high-speed (5000fps) color CCD camera, Flow VIS_PIV software for image acquisition and particle image velocimetry (PIV) analysis, multiple syringe pumps, peristaltic pump, differential pressure transducers/gauges, a hemoglobinometer, centrifuge, programmable viscometers, incubator, ultrasonic flow monitoring system, UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, laminar flow hood, filtering fume hood, an Andersen Cascade impactor and a surface plasmon resonance (SPR) biosensor system.

Biomedical Laboratory Biomedical Laboratory

Engineering Laboratory

CFDRC's Engineering Laboratory comprises multiple facilities for testing, prototyping, and final assembly of deliverables. In-house test equipment includes a high speed video camera, a laser/plasma diagnostics, a fully automated 11 cu. ft. vacuum chamber used for research on advanced plasma switching technology, plasma diagnostics development, and a cold flow test rig for diesel and gas turbine fuel injector development. Laser diagnostic activities include planar laser induced fluorescence, PIV, and laser ignition studies.

Engineering Lab

Research on Constant Volume Combustion (CVC) rocket engines, hot fire of gas turbine injectors, and spray visualization is carried out at CFDRC's remote test facility.

A full range of electronics from an 80,000 V high voltage power supply to a gigasample oscilloscope is available. Both the laboratory and remote test facility feature LabVIEW-based control and data acquisition systems.

CFDRC's prototyping facilities include a machine shop featuring fully digital endmill and lathe for the manufacture and assembly of test hardware. These facilities contain a complete array of tools and equipment sufficient for the majority of development activities. This ensures timely results at competitive costs.

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