Portable Biohazard Sampler

Particles can be removed from the air by giving them a positive or negative charge and passing them between two oppositely charged surfaces. This process is called electrostatic collection and is already used by air purifiers to remove dust. CFDRC has advanced this technology to produce a portable electrostatic air sampler that collects and concentrates particles from the air for analysis.


  • Biohazard Detection
  • Environmental Testing
  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • Air Purification


The portable electrostatic air sampler efficiently captures bacteria, spores, dust and viruses. For analytical air sampling, the sampler is equipped with a low volume wet central collecting electrode that concentrates and stores collected aerosols for analysis. Simpler models with easily accessible dry collecting electrodes can be used for efficient air purification.

The Electrostatic Sampler is well suited for use in individual protection, as well as, hospitals, research labs, office buildings, schools, farms, animal facilities, manufacturing floors, and anywhere air quality monitoring is desired. Its compact size and low weight and power consumption make it ideal for portability and use at remote locations.


  • Compact
  • Low Power
  • High Efficiency
  • Selective Particle Capture
  • Wet or Dry Collection Electrodes
  • Organisms Remain Viable for Assay


CFDRC’s air sampler is smaller and uses less power than existing collectors and provides high capture efficiency. Collection of 1-10 m diameter particles is 90 - 99% efficient, depending on the application. Clustering of collectors in an array allows high airflow rates for large-scale sample collection.

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