Thrombectomy Catheter

CFDRC has designed a novel, effective thrombus removal device small enough for treatment of ischemic stroke in small arteries. The device is based on our recent discovery of acoustic streaming and pumping when a small piezo fiber is placed near the end of a small tube or catheter. Acoustic streaming causes localized high shear regions that can break-up blood clots. The thrombectomy catheter uses one or more high efficiency, micro piezoelectric fibers that while small enough to be positioned in neurovasculature, generates strong acoustic streaming using vibrational modes not used before.

Mechanical systems are difficult to miniaturize and pose significant risk of vessel damage. Laser-based systems for disrupting clots use heat generated by a pulsed laser to generate bubbles that form and collapse to break up clots. Piezoelectric fibers vibrate at high frequency to disrupt clots without generating excess heat or bubbles.

CFDRC has adapted its patented double lumen hemodialysis catheter technology to develop a double lumen thrombectomy catheter capable of breaking up clots and removing the resulting debris to prevent blockage downstream of the thrombus caused by clot fragments


  • Operable in 2-3mm Blood Vessels
  • Less Heating than Laser Systems
  • Will not Damage Blood Vessels
  • No Cooling Required
  • Removes Clot Debris

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