Computational Medicine & Biology

CFDRC’s Computational Medicine & Biology (CMB) Division is pioneering multiscale modeling for human body physiology, injury and interventional/pharmacological treatment. It provides Avatars for Personalized Medicine and Health Care and a Military Warfighter Avatar for assessing warfighter injuries and optimizing warfighter performance and protection.

The CMB division is working with all three DoD services, DARPA, DTRA, and other military organizations, government agencies (FDA, NIH, CDC), leading Universities (Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt, Penn State, Auburn Univ, and many others) and several commercial healthcare/ pharmaceutical companies.

Personalized Health Avatars

Virtual PatientThe Personalized Health Avatar is a digital human model for improved health monitoring, chronic disease management, disease progression, drug efficacy/toxicity and optimal treatment protocols in civilian and military medicine. This software framework is based on our CoBi (Computational Biology) software.

Military Avatar

Virtual Warfighter

The CFDRC Computational Medicine & Biology Division is developing a Warfighter Avatar framework for improved soldier protection, performance, and health through computer modeling and simulation. The CFDRC Warfighter Avatar concept is continuously being developed for DoD specific and general health applications. Our vision is to have a Personalized Avatar for each warfighter. Such avatar stays with soldier from enlistment to VA care. Besides medical and health benefits, such avatar could be used for custom clothing, gear, prosthesis, etc.


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