Fuel Cells & Hydrogen

CFDRC has been developing rigorous physics-based modeling tools and techniques for electrochemical fuel cell systems since 1999. As part of the DOE Hydrogen program, CFDRC is currently leading a 4 year, $6M effort to develop advanced computational tools and materials for improved water management in PEM fuel cells. These tools are being used by our research staff and industry leaders such as Ballard Power Systems to further understand and develop fuel cell technologies. Whether it be PEMFC, SOFC, DMFC, or BiologicalFC, CFDRC can make an impact in advancing the technology.

Our staff has excellent experience in investigating issues such as:

Fuel Cells & Hydrogen
  • Voltage-current characteristics for fuel cells (polarization curves)
  • Overpotential and loss mechanisms
  • Temperature distribution and thermal stress
  • Species concentrations and water management (liquid and vapor distributions)
  • Effects of pressure, relative humidity, temperature, porosity, tortuosity and catalyst loading
  • Fuel manifold distribution in stack-level design

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