CFDRC Scientific Publications Featured as Cover Stories for High Impact Journals
CFDRC and Raytheon Missile Systems Partner Under DoD Mentor-Protégé Program


CFDRC Publishes Results on JP-8 Fuel Cell and Secures Additional Funding for Research
CFD Research Corporation announces major gifts to the “Community Foundation” and “Habitat for Humanity”
CFDRC Receives Additional Funding for Thermal Battery Enhancements
CFDRC Wins Multiple DoD Small Business Innovative Research Projects
CFDRC Awarded Protein Purification Technology Development Contract by US Army
CFDRC Employee Selected for Two Academic Achievement Awards from University of Alabama in Huntsville
CFDRC Developing Advanced Simulation Data Management Tools for the US Air Force
CFDRC Developing Novel Bioaerosol Ionization and Collection System for US Army


CFDRC developed SynVivo recognized among “Top 10 Innovations of 2013” by The Scientist
CFD Research Corporation Holds Ribbon Cutting/Open House at New Facilities
CFDRC wins Small Business Innovative Research awards from Missile Defense Agency
Rolls-Royce purchases CFDRC’s patent for low emission engine fuel injectors
CFDRC Scientist Recognized in Nikon Small World Photomicrography Contest
CFDRC Developing Paper-Based Bio-Battery™ with Air Force Research Labs
CFDRC Will Be Moving To A New Building, October 1, 2013
CFD Research Corporation Exhibiting at 2013 SMD Symposium
Missile Defense Agency Tech Update
CFDRC Developing Non-Invasive Stem Cell Analyzer Technology
CFDRC Senior Scientist Participate in ICERM Workshop
CFDRC President Joe Cosumano interviewed by WAFF
NASA Tech Briefs magazine features CFDRC technology for simulation of rocket exhaust interaction with Lunar Soil
CFDRC’s NanoTCAD Technology featured in NASA Spinoff Magazine 2012 Announces CFDRC's New President
LTG(ret) Joseph M. Cosumano Jr. Joins CFDRC
CFDRC Building Bridges for Effective Transitioning of Technologies


CFDRC Developing Physiologically Realistic in vitro Tumor Microenvironment Platform
CFDRC Receives Air Force Contract for Developing Cyber Protection for Cloud Data
CFDRC Strengthens Bio-Battery Product Line by Licensing Technology from Akermin, Inc.
CFDRC Developing Novel Rocket Propellant Formulation
CFDRC President Ashok Singhal speaks at Technology Summit 2012
CFD Research Corporation Selected to Present at WBT Innovation Marketplace in San Diego
CFDRC and Harvard University Develop Multiple Organ-on-Chip Systems to Mimic the Whole Human Body
CFDRC's Bio-Battery in the News with WAFF
CFDRC featured on Bloomberg TV
CFDRC featured in Economist magazine
CFDRC Developing Cell-based Microchip to Study Drug Interactions with the Blood-Brain Barrier
CFDRC featured in the NASA’s television show: This week @NASA
CFDRC featured in TEDxHuntsville- Sept 17, 2012
NASA’s New Chief Technologist Visits CFDRC
CFDRC’s Biobattery-powered Insect Cyborg featured in Nature story.
CFDRC’s Nanotechnology Expertise Featured in Desktop Engineering Magazine
CFDRC Receives Champion of Small Business Innovation Award


HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology publishes video of CFDRC work
CFDRC Technology Transition Success, Presented at the 2011 “National SBIR Beyond Phase II” Conference
CFDRC Scientist, Ravishankar Vallabhajosyula, is featured in article on “Robot biologist solves complex problem from scratch”
CFDRC Receives Recognition for ATR Innovation
Ions Control Shape Of Nanofibers Grown On Clear Substrate
CFDRC Scientist’s Team Received NASA Award
CFDRC Participates at International Symposium on Plasma Chemsitry
Next Generation Computational Tools for Multi-Physics and Plasma Simulations
Nasal Phantom Models now available for purchase
R&D Magazine publishes “Leveraging Innovation,” written by Dr. Ashok Singhal, President of CFDRC.
CFDRC Presents “Lightening the Load for Warfighters” at NavyTAP 2011 Conference
Press Release - CFDRC to Demonstrate its Bio‐Battery Technology at 2011 Joint Service Power Expo
CFDRC Selected to Showcase Technology at 2011ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit
CFDRC receives patent award for 'Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes by Selectively Heating Catalyst'
Thrombectomy Microcatheter Patent Awarded
"Synthetic Microfluidic Microvasculature" Patent Awarded
CFDRC Featured on National Public Radio – Jan 2011


CFDRC Participates in FAST Zero-G Flight Testing
CFDRC Scientist Earns Outstanding Task Award from Jacobs ESTS
CFDRC Awarded NSF Project to Design and Optimize Algae Growth Systems
CFDRC to Demonstrate its Bio-Battery Technology at 44th Power Sources Conference Las Vegas, Nevada, June 14-17
CFDRC Bio-Battery in Technology Alabama Magazine
CFDRC Synthetic Microvascular Network in Huntsville R&D Magazine
CFDRC, and its Bio-Battery Programs, mentioned in Economist Magazine
CFDRC's “Missile Weather Encounter” Program Wins Prestigious 2010 National Achievement Award by U.S. Army


US Army Has Selected Rotorcraft Engine Inlet Barrier Filter for 2010 CPP Award
Constant Volume Rocket Motor for In-space Propulsion
CFDRC Receives US Patent for Self-cleaning and Mixing Microfluidic Elements
Multipurpose Pseudospark Switch for High Energy Electron Beams
CFDRC Awarded the Tennessee Valley Innovation Award
CFDRC Files Patent Application for 'Carbon Nanotube Growth at Reduced Temperature via Catalytic Oxidation'
CFDRC Wins NASA Contract to Develop On-Chip Sensor System for Monitoring Astronaut Health in Space
CFDRC's Virtual Warfighter featured in Technology Alabama Magazine


CFDRC's Bio-Battery Program Wins Prestigious National Achievement Award by U.S. Army
SkyRadio interviews Dr. Ashok Singhal, President CFDRC, for "Faster Innovations Through Simulations"
CFDRC Signs License & Development Agreement for Inhaler Spacer with Cogenesis Biotech
CFDRC Receives US Patent for Electrostatic Sampler for Collection of Biological Agents
CFDRC in the News at Nano Science and Technology Institute


Missile Defense Agency TechUpdate: Modeling the Real World
CFDRC Biotechnology Division Relocates to Hudson Alpha Institute for Biotechnology
CFDRC Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Congressman Bud Cramer
Dr. Ashok Singhal Selected as Entrepreneur of the Week
CFDRC Wins a Hydrogen Fuel Cell project from DOE, in an open competition to support President's Hydrogen Research Initiative
CFDRC Files Patent Application for 'Advanced Multipurpose Pseudospark Switch'
CFDRC is Awarded U.S. Patent 7,189,578 entitled 'Methods and Systems Employing Electrothermally Induced Flow for Mixing and Cleaning in Microsystems'
CFDRC Files Patent Application for 'Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes by Selectively Heating Catalyst'
CFDRC Files Patent for 'Integrated Microfluidic System Design Using Mixed Methodology Simulations'


Thrombectomy Microcatheter Patent Filed
CFDRC Files Patent Application for 'Hybrid Power Strip'
CFDRC Signs Royalty Agreement with Optomec for Maskless Material Deposition Technology
CFDRC Receives National Tibbetts Award for 2006
NASA Presents "Certificate of Appreciation" to CFDRC
Congressman Bud Cramer Visits CFDRC to Announce his Proposal HR4684, for Increases in SBIR Funds
"Synthetic Microfluidic Microvasculature" Patent Filed


"High Energy, Low Temperature Gelled Bi-Propellant Formulation" Patent Filed
"Electrostatic Sampler and Method" Patent Filed
CFDRC's Hemodialysis Catheter Design Receives National Recognition
"Method and Apparatus for Separating Particles by Dielectrophoresis" Patent Filed
CFDRC Featured in Scientific Computing Magazine


CFDRC Recognized by National Science Foundation
CFDRC's Hemodialysis Catheter Launched Successfully
Spacer Patent Application Filed with U. S. Patent Office
Fuel Injector Patent Application Filed with U. S. Patent Office
CFDRC Product wins Desktop Engineering Award
A Message From the CEO Concerning the Recent Software Division Spin-Off
CFDRC Featured in Aerospace America Magazine
CFDRC Announces Software Products Division Spin-Off


CFDRC CEO Interview with Wall Street Reporter
CFDRC Technologies Recognized in Aerospace America AIR/SPACE Year In Review Edition


CFDRC Receives US Patent for Double-Lumen Catheter for Hemodialysis


CFDRC Receives SBA's First-Ever Tibbetts Award

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