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"Synthetic Microfluidic Microvasculature" Patent Awarded

CFDRC has been awarded a US Patent #7,725,267 for "Synthetic Microfluidic Microvasculature" invented by CFDRC engineers/scientists Prabhakar Pandian, Shankar Sundaram, and Kapil Pant.

The invention comprises of Synthetic Microvascular Network (SMN) which is a cell-based microchip platform that provides a biologically realistic microenvironment allowing real-time study of cellular behavior, drug delivery and drug discovery. SMN platform results have shown great promise in predicting in vivo drug delivery. The invention was developed by a team of CFDRC engineers/scientists Prabhakar Pandian, Shankar Sundaram, and Kapil Pant under an SBIR contract awarded by the National Institutes of Health.

“This technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we perform cell-based assays” Mr. Prabhakar Pandian, Manager, Cellular and Biomolecular Engineering states. “We are actively seeking partners to mature this platform for drug discovery applications and to further out understanding of disease mechanism such as inflammation, thrombosis, cancer, infection and microvascular dysfunction.”

More information can be found on our Synthetic Microvascular Networks (SMN) page.

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