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CFDRC Participates at International Symposium on Plasma Chemsitry

20th International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry (ISPC20) took place in Philadelphia, USA on July 24-29, 2011. Atmospheric pressure plasma processes, micro-plasma discharges in gases and liquids, plasma assisted combustion and aerodynamics, and plasmas for renewable energies and environmental control were the focus of the Symposium. A special session was devoted to Plasma Biology and Medicine. Participants had the opportunity to visit the Drexel Plasma Institute conducting active inter-disciplinary research program at interface between physical and life sciences.

A 3-day Summer School on Plasma Chemistry was offered before the ISPC20

Dr Kolobov, Technical Fellow from CFDRC, taught “Introduction to Gas Discharge Physics” and “Plasma Modeling: Computational Tools and Numerical Experiments”. Materials of these lectures can be requested from CFDRC. In his oral presentation “Simulation of Corona and Glow Discharges with Dynamically Adaptive Mesh” at ISPC20, Dr Kolobov described thenext generation computational tools for weakly ionized non-equilibrium plasmas being developed at CFDRC.

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