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CFDRC Presents “Lightening the Load for Warfighters” at NavyTAP 2011 Conference

Huntsville, June 2011

CFDRC has presented their Virtual Warfighter technology at the NavyTAP Conference 2011 held in Washington DC, June 6-8, 2011. This yearly conference is organized by the US Navy and is focused on commercialization and transitioning of technologies developed during Navy SBIR projects to DoD.

The virtual warfighter technology provides tools for improving warfighter performance (lightening the load, neck/back injury, pain, and fatigue), protection (helmets, armor), and health (traumatic brain injury, and noise/blast induced hearing loss). Warfighter performance and protection (including noise induced hearing loss) were identified by Read Admiral Nevin Carr (Chief of Naval Research) as one of his top 5 research priorities during a key-note address at the Conference. Dr. Alex Zhou, Dr. Andrzej Przekwas, and Dr. Vincent Harrand attended the meeting for CFDRC.

CFDRC Booth at NAvyTAP 2011Andrzej with a customer

CFDRC Virtual Warfighter Booth (left). Dr. Przekwas speaks with Rear Admiral Nevin Carr (Chief of Naval Research) about CFDRC’s Noise Induced Hearing Loss projects and initiatives.


CFDRC develops and commercializes state-of-the-art technologies (advanced analysis software, innovative designs, prototypes, and expert support services), and provides solutions for aerospace and defense, biomedical and life sciences and energy and materials technologies. CFDRC is located in Huntsville, Alabama, and has been serving federal agencies and global businesses since 1987.

Presently, CFDRC has over 50 patents (awarded or pending), and works with industry partners for their adaptation and applications. CFDRC is committed to commercialize its innovative technologies, and to support and transfer those technologies to DoD, NASA, etc and/or commercial markets. Contact: Dr. Vincent J. Harrand, Vice President, for Technology Commercialization ( ).

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