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CFDRC President Ashok Singhal speaks at Technology Summit 2012

CFDRC's president, Ashok Singhal, was a panelist at the recent Technology Summit 2012. Below is a list of the topics covered, along with links to the appropriate technology pages:

Technology Summit 2012 Panel

RAM Air Turbine:

for the next generation jamming pods for electronic warfare:

CFDRC has developed a novel turbine for use as the power source for next generation of jamming pods. In 2011, it was demonstrated first at the CFDRC’s Scottsboro test facility (TRL 5), and then at AEDC Tullahoma wind tunnel for full load and flight altitude conditions (TRL 6). It is now being further developed and integrated in partnership with two large Aerospace companies and U.S. Navy.

CFDRC BioBattery:

Clean, Safe, Renewable and Portable Power Source:

The Bio-Battery is an ultra-high energy density portable enzymatic fuel cell that runs 24/7 on renewable fuels (sugars, alcohols, etc). It eliminates the need for using rare earth metals such as platinum, and has significant advantages for size/weight, flexible shape, green, room temperature operations. Potential applications include: soldier portable power and instant recharge for consumer electronics and implantable medical devices (insulin pumps, pacemakers, etc).


Microchip platform for accelerating Drug Development:

SynVivo is an in vitro cell-based microchip platform technology that provides a physiologically realistic environment allowing real-time study of drug delivery and efficacy. SynVivo recreates the in-vivo vasculature; including scale, morphology, fluidics and cellular interactions, enabling more realistic and cost-effective studies and thereby a shorter and more successful drug development cycle.


Multiscale Analysis Software for Physiology and Biomechanics:

CoBi software has been developed to analyze and help improve human body protection, performance, and health. It is used to develop better protection for our soldiers (PPE systems, body armor, helmets), investigate traumatic brain injury, determine toxicity of nanoparticles, assist in arterial stent placement, and analyze efficacy of drugs and administration routes.

Panelist: Ashok K. Singhal, PhD

Ashok K. Singhal, President of CFDRC

Dr. Ashok Singhal is the principal founder and President of CFDRC. He received his MS and PhD degrees in Mechanical Engineering from IIT-Kanpur, India and Imperial College, London, England. Prior to CFDRC, he worked at Tata’s in Bombay and at CHAM in London and Huntsville. Dr. Singhal has over 75 publications, given invited lectures in England, Belgium, France, Japan, Mexico, and USA, and participated in numerous scientific workshops and advisory panels. He also serves on the Boards of Huntsville/Madison Chamber of Commerce, Biztech (a business incubator for Northern Alabama), AIBP (Alabama India Business Partnerships), and HAN (Huntsville Angel Network). Dr. and Mrs. Singhal and CFDRC have sponsored scholarships at UAH and actively contribute to non-profit organizations, such as, National Children Advocacy Center, Hudson Alpha Institute for Biotechnology, Boys & Girls Club, Huntsville Museum, Downtown Rescue mission, Red Cross and Hope.

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