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CFDRC Scientific Publications Featured as Cover Stories for High Impact Journals

Journal of Controlled ReleaseHuntsville, AL – February 27, 2015 – CFD Research Corporation is proud that the editors of the Journal of Controlled Release have selected a new paper from Prabhakar Pandian and CFDRC co-authors Charles Garson, Ivy Mills, and Kapil Pant as the cover of this prestigious journal publication. The paper describes the team's work to reproduce a realistic and dynamic tumor microenvironment and its use in screening drug delivery systems. The studies were performed using the SynVivo co-culture microfluidic cell-based assay device whereby they created an in vitro tumor microenvironment encompassing circulatory flow in the vessels, transport across the leaky vasculature near the tumor region and real-time visualization of drug deliver to 3D culture of tumor cells.

Synthetic Tumor Networks for Screening Drug Delivery Systems. B. Prabhakarpandian, MC Shen, J. Nichols, C. Garson, I. Mills, M. Matar, J. Fewell, K. Pant. J Control Release., 2015, 201, 49-55. doi:10.1016/j.jconrel.2015.01.018

Analytical Methods Also, Hongjun Song and co-authors Yi Wang, Charles Garson, and Kapil Pant had a paper selected for the cover of Analytical Methods this  month. The paper presents a novel microfluidic Bi-Polar Electrode (BPE) device that combines ion concentration polarization (ICP) and end-  labeled free-solution electrophoresis (ELFSE) for concurrent DNA pre-concentration and separation. The work established the feasibility of  the BPE based microfluidic device for genomic and proteomic sample preparation and analysis, which will significantly contribute to the  microTAS community.

 Concurrent DNA preconcentration and separation in bipolar electrode-based microfluidic device, H. Song, Y. Wang, C. Garson, K. Pant. Anal. Methods., 2015, 7, 1273-  1279.doi:10.1039/C4AY01858C

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