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CFDRC Senior Scientist Participate in ICERM Workshop

CFDRC Senior Scientist Participate in ICERM Workshop

Towards Adaptive Kinetic-Fluid Solvers for Engineering Applications

The development of next-generation computational tools has been one of the focuses of CFDRC over the last decade. With support of several SBIR projects from the Air Force and NASA, a Unified Flow Solver (UFS) has been developed, which combines Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR) with advanced kinetic-fluid solvers using Adaptive Mesh and Algorithm Refinement (AMAR) methodology. Recently, Dr Kolobov (key architect of UFS) has participated as an invited speaker at a special workshop Issues in Solving the Boltzmann Equation for Aerospace Applications at the Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics (ICERM) , to present the latest developments of the UFS technology.

The program of the workshop included invited lectures of the world leading scientists in the field, which were recorded and will be available to the public at Dr Kolobov presented a lecture “Boltzmann solvers with Adaptive Mesh in Phase Space” with an overview of a breakthrough computational technology recently developed at CFDRC. “Adaptive Mesh in Phase Space (AMPS) bridges deterministic methods of solving the Boltzmann equation with statistical (DSMC) methods by taking advantages of the best features of the two methodologies” – says Dr Kolobov.

Detailed description of the developed technologies is publicly available in the paper “Kinetic Solvers with Adaptive mesh in Phase Space” by R.Arslanbekov, V.Kolobov and A Frolova, , which was submitted for publication in Physical Reviews. Further development of these technologies is currently supported by SBIR projects from MDA, U.S. Army, and DoE.

The group photo of the participants at the ICERM Boltzmann workshop

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