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CFDRC Technologies Recognized in Aerospace America AIR/SPACE Year In Review Edition

The year in review edition of Aerospace America magazine recognizes the significant advances made in various technical fields of the air and space disciplines during the previous year. CFDRC technologies and software tools were recognized in several categories in the recent 2002 edition.

The authors of the Fluid dynamics section recognized the advances CFDRC has made in the areas of cavitating flows and free surface flows with surface tension, liquid chemistry and gas compressibility. Both of these advancements are available in CFDRC's commercial software CFD-ACE+.

The Propellants and Combustion section recognized the advances CFDRC is making in LES combustion and discussed the consortium organized by CFDRC and DOE for developing practical combustion LES software. These advances will also be available via CFD-ACE+.

The Structural Dynamics section recognized the modeling work performed by CFDRC, the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and NASA Langley on vertical tail buffet alleviation using active smart material. This work employs CFDRC software for high speed flows (CFD-FASTRAN), structural analysis (CFD-FEMSTRESS) and Multidisciplinary computing environment, MDICE, for accurate aeroelastic couplings.

In all of these areas CFDRC has made significant advances in technology development and application. For more information on these technologies please visit our website at

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