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CFDRC Technology Transition Success, Presented at the 2011 “National SBIR Beyond Phase II” Conference

Dr. Ashok Singhal, President CFDRC, presented one of CFDRC’s success stories at the Beyond Phase II Conference in Atlanta. This presentation was made on Thursday (Sept 15, 2011) as part of a “Small Business Transition Panel”, moderated by Ms. Susan Nichols, SBIR Program Manager for DARPA. The focus of the panel was to discuss, share and evaluate transition successes and challenges.

Dr Singhal shared one of CFDRC's SBIR transition success examples and lessons learnt, by highlighting the importance of: a) Early use of advanced modeling; and b) Early partnering with appropriate MOUs and IP agreements.

The SBIR and associated BAA projects were funded by DARPA, under an advanced manufacturing initiative. CFDRC identified Optomec as a partner, enabled critical change in the Direct Write process, supported testing and optimization, obtained several joint patents and signed an exclusive royalty agreement. The resulting material deposition systems (Aerosol Jet® of Optomec, Inc) are now being sold worldwide for: 3D Printed Electronics, Solar Cells, Fuel Cells, Touch Screen Displays (CNT, TFTs, etc) as well as for enabling critical technologies for DARPA/DoD missions.

Presentation can be found here.


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