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CFDRC acquires Microbiome-Based Drug Discovery Division of iXpressGenes

CFDRC acquires Microbiome-Based Drug Discovery Division of iXpressGenes

Huntsville, Ala. — CFD Research Corporation (CFDRC) has acquired the Microbiome-based Drug Discovery division of iXpressGenes (iXG). Both CFDRC and iXG are associate companies at the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology. As part of the acquisition, CFDRC obtained iXG’s high-throughput antimicrobial discovery platform called EMAD (Extremophilic Microbiome Antimicrobial Discovery) and all key personnel associated with the division including the Director, AJ Singhal.

“We are excited about integrating the EMAD platform with CFDRC’s existing biomedical technologies to accelerate the discovery of new antibiotics against biowarfare agents and drug resistant bacteria,” Sameer Singhal, CFDRC President and CEO said.

“We are very pleased to find a good transition path for iXG’s EMAD platform technology and look forward to seeing its continued success as part of CFDRC,” iXG President Dr. Joe Ng said.

“The EMAD platform will allow efficient discoveries from various under-studied extremophilic sources, and lead to the development of new antibacterial natural products,” Singhal said.


About iXpressGenes: iXpressGenes is a gene expression and protein engineering company located at the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology. iXG has a special background in extremozymes, microgravity, trace fluorescent labeling, and protein crystallization. To learn more about iXG visit:


About CFDRC: CFDRC is an established R&D company, one of the oldest and largest associates of HAIB. CFDRC was found in 1987 in Huntsville, with the goal of developing and commercializing new technologies for Aerospace, Biomedical, Energy and Materials markets. To learn more about CFDRC visit:


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