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CFDRC named as a finalist for the 2016 Alabama Innovation Awards

The Economic Development Partnership of Alabama recently announced the 11 finalists for the 2016 Alabama Innovation Awards.

CFDRC is proud to be a finalist in the "Corporate Innovator of the Year" category as a large company (50+ employees). 

CFDRC recently spun-out a new company, SynVivo, which is producing an innovative physiological, cell-based microchip platform that provides a morphologically and biologically realistic microenvironment allowing real-time study of cellular behavior, drug delivery and drug discovery. (

“Since its inception in 1987, CFDRC has been developing and commercializing innovative technologies for both software and hardware products,” stated Founder and Chairman, Dr Ashok Singhak, “ We are honored to be nominated for this award. It is a testament of the hard work and dedication of CFDRC employees.”

The eventual winners will be recognized at the Sixth Annual Alabama Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference in Birmingham this summer.

Aiming to recognize Alabama's top innovation achievements, a panel of judges, chaired by ADTRAN CEO Tom Stanton of Huntsville, will choose the five category winners.

The awards, which started in 2014, are a way to recognize and celebrate the companies and individuals leading innovation across the state, said EDPA Research & Grants Analyst Mary Hope Garmon, who organizes the annual awards.

"The Alabama Innovation Awards show that there is innovation going on all around the state," Garmon said. "The awards are a wonderful way for Alabama to come together and celebrate innovation-based economic development achievements."

"We believe that innovation is a powerful engine that can drive a region's economy," said Angela Wier, EDPA vice president. "The awards have helped us find stories that validate our belief that innovation can occur anywhere."

Read the full EDPA release here and article here.

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