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CFDRC receives patent award for 'Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes by Selectively Heating Catalyst'

CFDRC has been awarded a US patent with number 7,794,797 entitled "Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes by Selectively Heating Catalyst." The invention is a catalytic chemical vapor deposition method for synthesizing carbon nanotubes (CNTs) on a substrate by selectively heating a catalyst for CNT synthesis on or near the surface of the substrate. Selective heating of the catalyst is achieved using an exothermic oxidation reaction on the surface of the catalyst. Selective heating of the catalyst prevents heating of the substrate and enables the synthesis of CNTs on temperature sensitive substrates.

Dr. Alexey Vasenkov invented the process while conducting research for the National Science Foundation.

“The invented method enables practical use of CNTs in many applications that require the direct growth of aligned nanotubes on temperature-sensitive substrates, as opposed to manipulating and positioning of pre-grown CNTs. The list of potential applications includes supercapacitors, enzymatic fuel cells such as the CFDRC bio-battery, and advanced thermal and chemical sensors. We are continuing to pursue these applications, and leveraging the capabilities developed in this work to improve other methods for the fabrication of advanced materials.” states Dr. Vasenkov, Principal Scientist, at CFDRC.

You can learn about using CNTs in fuel cells by cisiting our Enzymatic Biological Fuel Cell page.

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