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CFDRC's “Missile Weather Encounter” Program Wins Prestigious 2010 National Achievement Award by U.S. Army

CFDRC’s “Missile Weather Encounter” Program was recently selected as a National Achievement Award winner for 2010 by the Army SBIR Program. This prestigious award was given to the top 11 programs out of 471 (top 2%). According to the Army Press Release: “the nominations were exceptional and were evaluated based on four criteria: originality and innovation of research; relevance of the research to the Army mission; immediate commercialization potential of the research, reflecting the primary goal of bringing technology and products to the marketplace; and overall quality performance of the project.”

CFD Research Corporation has developed the Missile-Weather Toolkit for the exploration, extraction, and analysis of regional weather data. The Missile-Weather Toolkit combines the latest technology including satellite data, computational modeling, historical methods, and physics based engineering to generate a complete description of missile-weather encounter during flight. The goal of this new methodology is to give missile test engineers the tools to more accurately and efficiently design missile systems and optimize missile survivability in realistic weather environments. This software has been successfully implemented and was used by U.S. Army AMRDEC to support a Navy validation study for the Electromagnetic Rail Gun program in June 2009.

PDF report on this achievement is available for download.

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