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CFDRC's SynVivo featured in Business Alabama magazine

CFD Research spinoff SynVivo has created a microchip platform for medical research that speeds personalized treatment and cuts costs to a fraction.

Modern health care is in a constant race to develop the best drug in the shortest amount of time for the lowest price. One of the ongoing challenges faced by drug developers is determining how a particular drug will react in the human bloodstream. And because every human body reacts differently to a particular drug, determining the right medication for each patient’s diagnosis can be a perpetual guessing game for health care providers.

But a Huntsville company’s innovative development may be a key to solving some of these issues and achieving the promise of precision medicine, an emerging approach to disease treatment and prevention that takes into account individual variability in genes, environment and lifestyle.

SynVivo, developed by Huntsville-based CFD Research Corp., is a microchip platform that recreates a human cell environment that allows the real-time study of cellular behavior and drug delivery.

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CFDRC's SynVivo featured in Business Alabama magazine

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