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CFDRC stem cell separation technology featured on Tech Alabama

The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) is allowing CFD Research Corporation (CFDRC) researchers to continue their stem cell separation technology.

"The DOD really thinks this is a promising technology. They want to invest more effort and more resources on it," says Yi Wang, Ph.D., CFDRC director of biomedical technology director.

The Huntsville company will receive its second $1 million award from the Pentagon to continue developing this non-invasive stem cell analyzer. Using this technology, researchers are able to differentiate between stem cells and other cells.

"We are trying to develop a technology that can be deployed in the field operating room, so that can be used for the surgery," says Wang, who hopes to have a prototype delivered to the Pentagon within the next two to three years.

Read the full article here and click below to watch the interview.

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