The Brillance of Ingenuity



The CoBi-MP software is designed solve multiphysics problems for a broad range of disciplines including: fluid flow, structural mechanics, heat transfer, bio-chemistry, and others. CoBi-MP software multi-scale capabilities enables solutions for multiple geometry levels ranging from system level 0-D networks (e.g. multi-compartmental problems), to 1-D networks of channels and devices, to 2-D, or 3-D complex geometries. CoBi-MP solves systems of partial differential equations (PDEs), ordinary differential equations (ODEs), algebraic equations, and their combination.

The CoBi-MP software has the following modeling capabilities:

  • steady-state or transient analysis
  • incompressible/compressible flows
  • heat transfer
  • structural mechanics and biomechanics using FEM
  • acoustics
  • electrostatics
  • chemical species mixing and reaction in volume and on membranes
  • arbitrary volumetric sources of mass, momentum, and chemical species
  • flow and species diffusion-reaction in porous media
  • Combination of all of the above

CoBi-MP has been extensively validated for a large number of problems and is available as DoD Open Source.


CoBi-Dyn is a bio-dynamics software framework and GUI for modeling virtual warfighters and their equipment. It enables the researcher to balance warfighter protection, i.e. better coverage and protection of torso, neck, limbs, pelvic areas, against warfighter performance (endurance/lightening the load, mobility, reduced fatigue and injury potential).

The CoBi-Dyn software includes the following:

  • Anatomical and anthropometrical modeling
  • Body positioning, scaling and morphing
  • Equipment and PPE modeling
  • Dynamics and control modeling
  • Physiological metabolism and fatigue modeling
  • Injury & Pain Model

CoBi-Dyn applications:

  • Lightening the Load of Warfighters
  • Warfighter-centric body armor design
  • Neck Load Fatigue and Injury (Head Supported Mass)
  • Spinal Injury, Fatigue and Back Pain
  • Military Vehicle Crew/Occupants Safety
  • Human Body Bio-dynamics Induced by Blast
  • Assistive Exoskeleton and Orthotic Devices
  • Energy Harvesting Backpack and other Devices


The CoBi-PharmaLab software is a computational pharmacology (PBPK/PD) tool to predict and quantify drug distribution in different organs of interest. CoBi-PharmaLab software combines organ modules and systems biology components at different resolutions in a seamless top-down framework. CoBi-PharmaLab suite provides all the capabilities a researcher would need to determine the effects of a new drug for a given PBPK/PD application.