The Brillance of Ingenuity

JANNAF Interagency Propulsion Committee

6/3/2019 to 6/7/2019

Event Description

The exclusive ITAR conference for the propulsion and energetics research community.

The purpose of JANNAF is to promote and facilitate exchange of technical and programmatic information among the Military Departments, Defense Agencies, NASA, U.S. industry and academia; to establish standards; to effect coordination and avoid unnecessary duplication of basic research, applied research, advanced technology development, advanced component development and prototypes, and system development and demonstration programs in the areas of missile, gun, and space propulsion and energetics; to accomplish problem solving in areas of joint interest; and to support collaboration to maintain and strengthen the domestic rocket propulsion industrial base.  Its output includes data summaries, standardized testing and reporting procedures, safety instructions, program summaries, scientific and technical information, and formal technical programmatic exchanges among the Military Departments, Defense Agencies and NASA.

Dayton Convention Center
22 E 5th St
Dayton OH 45402
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