The Brillance of Ingenuity
Joseph M. Cosumano, Jr.

Joseph M. Cosumano, Jr.

Board Member - Lieutenant General, US Army (Retired)

Mr. Cosumano joined CFDRC in February 2013, and is responsible for transitioning and growth of CFDRC by broadening its R&D base with synergistic partnerships and expert support services. Mr. Cosumano has over 35 years of management and leadership experience in DoD and private industry. He has been an agent of change and growth, both inside and outside of the Defense Department. He has been responsible for Strategic Plans of the Army and has grown companies, both US and foreign owned. He understands the Defense Department, and has been responsible for Army Modernization and developing the technical blueprint and technical experience with R and D organizations, Program Offices as well as an exceptional background in operations.

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