The Brillance of Ingenuity


Improving the Design and Operation of Missile Systems

Integration of weather information in the missile design process is critical to support reliability, survivability, and weight reduction while maintaining robustness and threat range in missile systems. CFDRC has developed the Missile-Weather Toolkit to support Program Offices in addressing the high uncertainty of missile system performance in atmospheric precipitation. This system supports weather characterization and impact on high speed projectile applications.

Improving the Design and Operation of Missile Systems in Weather

CFD Research Corporation developed the Missile-Weather Toolkit for the exploration, extraction, and analysis of regional weather data with respect to missile specific flight parameters to describe missile survivability in weather environments.

The Missile-Weather Toolkit supports Program Offices with defining performance parameters of the missile system and its components and also provides operational support when determining fire solutions and evaluating mission conditions. 

Helping Improve the Design and Operation of Missile Systems

The ultimate goal is to give missile programs the tools to more accurately and efficiently design and optimize missile survivability in realistic weather environments and integrate the impact of weather in operations to increase the potential for mission success.