The Brillance of Ingenuity
Mr. Matthew Thomas

Mr. Matthew Thomas

VP, Propulsion and Power

Mr. Thomas joined CFDRC in 1990, and is responsible for the Power & Propulsion Branch in the Aerospace and Defense Division. Mr. Thomas has over 35 years of propulsion and power system and component research, development, T&E, manufacturing and field operational experience at Honeywell, Aerojet and CFDRC. Mr. Thomas is subject matter expert in gas turbine, IC, and component/system configurations for underwater, sea level, altitude and space installations. He has experience with high fidelity modelling and laser based diagnostics associated with combustion chambers, nozzles, turbomachinery, bearings, seals, heat exchangers and other energy conversion devices. Mr. Thomas has authored over 400 reports and papers, and participated in numerous technology development oversight committees and tiger teams. Mr. Thomas holds a MSME degree from Arizona State Univ.

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