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Multipurpose Pseudospark Switch for High Energy Electron Beams

CFDRC announces the award of US patent # 7,579,578, “Advanced Multipurpose Pseudospark Switch”.This invention provides increased electron beam brightness, lower beam emittance, and higher average electron energy than existing e-beam generators. This invention provides e-beams for applications such as free electron lasers, high power magnetrons, and compact x-ray generators and can be used as a high power switch for laser and microwave HV units, capacitor discharge, and crow bar protection; and in materials processing applications such as cutting, drilling, and film deposition.


“We have achieved improvement in e-beam quality over a classic pseudospark switch by strong ionization of gas inside a hollow cathode chamber, prior to main gap breakdown,” stated Mr. Sami Habchi, EVP, Aerospace & Defense Solutions at CFDRC. CFDRC plans to pursue multiple opportunities within the high energy beam industry as well as contribute to breakthroughs in ongoing particle physics research and development.


About CFDRC:

CFDRC develops and commercializes state-of-the-art technologies (advanced analysis software, innovative designs, prototypes, and expert support services), and provides solutions for aerospace and defense, biomedical and life sciences and energy and materials technologies. CFDRC is located in Huntsville, Alabama, and has been serving federal agencies and global businesses since 1987. (


Presently, CFDRC has over 45 patents (awarded or pending), and works with industry partners for their adaptation and applications. CFDRC is committed to commercialize its innovative technologies, and to support and transfer those technologies to DoD, NASA, etc and/or commercial markets. Contact: Dr. Vincent J. Harrand, Vice President, for Technology Commercialization (

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