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Next Generation Computational Tools for Multi-Physics and Plasma Simulations

Dr. Kolobov, Technical Fellow from CFDRC, had recently presented a keynote lecture at the Semicon West InterSolar 2011 Symposium on Advanced Plasma Technology for Semiconductor, Thin Film and Solar Processing:

Titled “Towards Adaptive Kinetic-Fluid Simulations of Weakly Ionized Plasmas” this lecture outlined recent trends towards the development of advanced computational tools combining multi-scale physical models with adaptive mesh techniques for simulations of complex engineering systems. Dr Kolobov described a Unified Flow Solver (UFS) - the next generation computational tool recently developed at CFDRC for a wide range of applications from atmospheric reentry to micro-flows and discussed UFS extensions for plasma simulations.

Dynamics of shock waves, plasma streamers in corona discharges, and low-pressure plasma reactors were analyzed using hybrid fluid-kinetic approach. The Boltzmann equation was solved in localized kinetic domains to address multi-scale nature of phenomena using dynamically adaptive Cartesian mesh to resolve large gradients arising due to physics and system geometries.

Dr. Kolobov indicated that we now experience a revolutionary moment in multi-physics simulations opening new opportunities for software product development and commercialization. Further details can be found in a review paper published in the Journal of Computational Physics doi:10.1016/ Presentation materials appear at the website of the American Vacuum Society:


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