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Press Release - CFDRC to Demonstrate its Bio‐Battery Technology at 2011 Joint Service Power Expo

Huntsville, Ala. ‐‐ CFD Research Corporation (CFDRC), a high‐tech small business developing innovative technologies for military and commercial markets, will be demonstrating its award winning Bio‐Battery technology at the 2011 Joint Service Power Expo in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The Bio‐Battery is a novel micropower source which harvests energy from biological fuels such as sugars and converts them into electrical energy providing a sustained, on‐demand power source. The product is adaptable for many low power applications in both the military and commercial markets. CFDRC’s Bio‐Battery offers several advantages over conventional fuel cells and batteries; including reduced size and weight, instant recharge, flexible shape, renewable biocatalysts, environmental‐friendliness, room temperature operation, and diverse and readily available fuel source.

“The Bio‐Battery is a unique product which has the potential to overcome a number of limitations with existing electrochemical power sources while generating energy in a clean, renewable fashion,” said Sameer Singhal, director of micro power and sensing at CFDRC. “This demonstration of a fully‐integrated system powering a real‐world electronic device for extended time on multiple days is a testament to the maturity of our technology.”

During the conference CFDRC will be demonstrating a fully‐integrated Bio‐Battery system consisting of five individual cells stacked in series to provide an open circuit voltage of >3.5V and a maximum current of >5.0mA. The Bio‐Battery uses a glucose‐based solution as the fuel source and powers an electronic circuit consisting of a microprocessor plus LCD display. The initial supply of glucose fuel (~10mL) is sufficient to drive the electronic circuit (average power of 1mW, V=2.0V, I=0.5mA) for 100 hours after which the system can be instantly re‐fueled and continue to run. The technology has been developed with the CERDEC C2D Army Power Division and the demonstration will be running at their booth (#321).

CFDRC envisions military applications such as soldier portable power, unmanned chemical/biological detection, and remote surveillance. Additional commercial applications are envisioned such as consumer electronics and implantable medical devices. CFDRC is actively seeking partners for further development and commercialization of the technology

For more information about CFDRC’s Bio‐Battery, contact CFDRC at 701 McMillian Way NW, Huntsville, AL, 35806; call 256‐327‐0664; email; or visit


CFDRC develops and commercializes innovative technologies for government and commercial customers. The company focuses in three areas; Biomedical & Life Sciences, Energy & Materials, and Aerospace & Defense. The multi‐disciplinary approach to problem solving including simulation based design combined with prototype manufacturing and experiment validation allows for improved product development cycles. CFDRC was founded in 1987 and it is headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama. The Biomedical technology branch is located in the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology also in Huntsville.

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