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SkyRadio interviews Dr. Ashok Singhal, President CFDRC, for "Faster Innovations Through Simulations"

SkyRadio Network has interviewed Dr. Ashok, Singhal, President of CFDRC, as part of Fortune Biz and Tech Channel segment on "Innovative Companies on the Move", to be aired on American Airlines flights.

Interview Summary
In the interview, Dr. Singhal explained that one of the most effective ways to accelerate innovation is to utilize the growing power of physics based computer simulations.

Such simulations enable better understanding of complex physical interactions involved in engineering devices and systems. Improved understanding facilitates better insights, and thus stimulates new ideas and innovations.

This also enables faster selections of the most promising concepts and approaches. Such early-stage decisions have phenomenal impact on the success of the new ventures.
The main challenge is to transform the common thinking and practice from conducting "experiments first" to the new possibility of performing "simulations first".

Furthermore, to translate ideas into viable products, quickly and efficiently, one must follow the simple rule: "Simulate First" at every stage of the product development, i.e. before designing, before building, and before testing of the actual devices.

This practice reduces risks and saves tremendous amounts of time and cost.

For Listening to Entire Interview

This interview will air on American Airline flights during the month of January 2009. To listen to the full interview please click on the Sky Radio logo.

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Please right click and choose "Save Link As" to download the interview.

Sky Radio Network provides business, technology, health and entertainment programming to some of the largest airlines in the world, including United, American, Delta, Northwest, US Airways and America West. For more information, see Sky Radio Website.

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