The Brillance of Ingenuity


Over the years CFDRC has been recognized for its successes in technology transfer, technology commercialization, and contributions to various organizations. Some of the examples include:

  • Champion of Small Business Innovation, 2012
  • Technology Innovation Award, 2009
  • Army SBIR National Achievement Award
    • Missile Weather Toolkit (2010)
    • Bio-Battery (2008)
  • First Ever Tibbetts Award for Technology Commercialization Successes; awarded by Small Business Administration.
  • Second Tibbetts Award in 2006, for Continued Technology Commercialization Successes
  • NASA Achievement Award for “Mitigating Ares I Thrust Oscillation Risk”.
  • NASA HQ Certification & Appreciation: Space Shuttle Joints Redesign after Challenger accident.
  • NASA Certificate of Appreciation for Participation in Process Control Assurance Program.
  • NASA SBIR Success Stories
    • NASA Spinoff (p. 73)
    • Unstructured Mesh Generation, NASA Glenn
    • PDF Method for Turbulent Reacting Flow, NASA Glenn
    • CFD-FASTRAN, NASA Marshall
    • Dual Spray Fuel Nozzle, NASA Glenn
    • Low NOX Fuel Injector, NASA Glenn
    • Vapor Deposition Modeling, NASA Glenn
  • NIH SBIR Success Stories
    • Hemodialysis Catheter
  • Navy SBIR Success Stories
    • Ejection Seat Modeling, Navy Navair
  • US Air Force Success Stories
    • Multi-Disciplinary Computing Environment MDICE, AFRL, WPAFB
    • Firefly Software, AFRL, WPAFB
    • Air Turbine Rocket innovation
  • DARPA SBIR Success Stories
    • On-Chip Transport of Biological Fluids in MEMS Devices
    • Lung blast modeling
    • More information on the above articles are available in the DARPA SBIR Report Volume I
  • NSF Success Stories
    • CFDRC Recognized by the National Science Foundation
    • U.S. NSF delegation to Japan; Role of Computers in 21st Century; Oct. 1991
    • U.S. NSF delegation for Pan American Advanced Studies; Modern Trends in Heat Transfer; Lectures at San Luis Potosi, Mexico, July 2000
  • CFDRC is a Top High Tech Company in Alabama.
  • Chief Editor's Choice: Semiconductor International
  • AIAA Aerospace America Magazine (Year 2002 Review)
  • Interview by Wall Street Reporter
  • Interviewed by SkyRadio
  • Desktop Engineering Magazine Award

In addition, CFDRC engineers and scientists are invited speakers at various international conferences, new technology panelists, and reviewers of papers and proposals.