The Brillance of Ingenuity

Simulation Technologies & Expertise for Improved, Cost Effective and Safer Systems

CFD Research’s expertise in computational modeling and simulation can be applied to any physics-based technical challenge such as:

  • Aircraft, missile, launch vehicle aerothermodynamics
  • Aero-servo-thermo-elasticity
  • Staging and Separation dynamics
  • Thrust oscillation & Acoustics
  • Propellant management and Sloshing
  • Lethality assessment
  • Soldier & Vehicle Blast Impact & Protection
  • New materials Design & analysis

Our solutions enable better understanding of complex systems and lead to better designs and concepts.

Our history of developing and applying world-class computational tools and technologies is evidenced in our technical solutions to industry’s most complex problems. We support launch vehicles environment, space vehicles and weapons flight dynamics and aerothermodynamics, combustion and rocket propulsion, computational medicine and biology for soldier protection and drug discovery as well as computational chemistry and material design to support additive manufacturing applications.

Leverage CFDRC’s world-class simulation technologies and services for your mission

CFDRC strives to develop long term strategic collaborations and partnerships with customers and partners for optimal development and fielding of technologies and breakthrough solutions.