The Brillance of Ingenuity

CFD Research is founded on breakthrough research and technology development and has a thirty year, multimillion-dollar foundation of client-sponsored R&D to draw upon. Our offerings range from basic research to improve understanding of fundamental principles to applied research, technology development, system deployment, custom products, and technologies for license.

Every project is essentially unique. That’s why we don’t stock any standard solutions for you. We provide customized solutions and services.

  • Probing and discovering fundamental principles for physics and biological phenomena
  • Applying research to solve unique problems with innovative solutions
  • Partnering for engineering in the design, conceptual, and prototyping phases
  • Developing production processes for specific materials or complex product specifications.
  • As a technology partner for various original equipment manufacturers and primes.

CFD Research can assess your technology need and provide the right multidisciplinary team from both internal staff and external partners to produce valuable solutions.