The Brillance of Ingenuity

CFD Research performs test & evaluation projects for NASA and DoD customers. A few examples are provided below that are demonstrative of the types of testing that can be performed at the CFDRC Test Facility.

CFD Research designed and developed a Ram Air Turbine (RAT) for Prime Power Generation for the Navy’s Next Generation Jamming Pod program. To test the completed turbine, CFDRC designed and built a full-scale, continuous-flow test capability using a centrifugal blower. CFDRC designed and fabricated the air ducting that fed the blower and provided a high-quality air stream to the RAT test section. RAT testing demonstrated repeatable 65 kW performance levels, and data post-processing generated an extensive performance map at off-design, and lower-speed conditions.

CFD Research developed a Pintle Motor Test-bed to design, develop, test, and evaluate a variety of variable thrust solid rocket motor (SRM) designs. For the AFRL Propulsion Directorate, we have developed and tested prototypes using our Cold Flow Test Rig and Hot Fire Rocket Test Stand.

CFD Research is working with rotorcraft turboshaft engine manufacturers and barrier filtration material developers to optimize the integration of these two technologies into a single system. Multiple configurations have been analytically and experimentally tested to establish the technical feasibility of a fully integrated Inlet Particle Separator (IPS) with a low pressure drop barrier filter. Full scale assemblies of the most promising configurations are currently under evaluation using ISO 12103-1 test dust. Continuing military operations in sand environments have created an immediate need for such a system and we hope to insert the technology into the US Army Apache Program.